Therapeutic Yoga

“Accessible to Every Body, Gentle on the Joints”

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Therapeutic yoga is a rapidly growing, relatively new field in the western world. It has emerged in response to the need for an effective, holistic, safe system that can be used by students of all ages and abilities for better health and self knowledge. The tools of yoga (posture, breath work, dialogue, guided imagery, and meditative inquiry) are used to create a personalized program that is specifically designed and sequenced for a given individual and their unique needs. Feedback and progression of the practice are an important part of the overall approach.

Joyce Anue with group

Joyce’s approach to therapeutic yoga focuses on joint health. She specializes in applied anatomy and it’s role in healthy movement and posture. The joints are moved through their maximum, pain free range of motion first with simple warm-up exercises and then with progressively more complex, movements and positions involving multiple joints. Strength is built while flexibility is maintained. Emphasis is on balanced action around the joints and the integration of breath, attitude and attention.   Subconscious patterns of posture and movement that can strain the body and lead to pain of dysfunction are examined and new choices are explored, implemented and reinforced.

Joyce Anue with group

A vast number of students are now coming to yoga in the second half of life and many have medical issues that require special consideration. Practitioners who offer therapeutic yoga should be experienced yoga teachers who also have training in the therapeutic applications of yoga.   Regulations that govern training requirements for yoga therapists are still being developed. Many yoga teachers offering therapeutic yoga have additional professional training in such fields as such as physical therapy, nursing, medicine, hospice, bodywork, psychotherapy and ayurveda.

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