Some of my students’ comments……

“Joyce is an exceptional yoga instructor and extremely competent, who demonstrates her concern for the development of each student.  She brings her expertise as a physical therapist which enables her to effectively address each student’s individual needs.” -J.L

“In the short amount of time I had with Joyce (at Mt Madonna teacher training) I learned an incredible amount about alignment and mechanics in the postures and about being with a student where he or she is at! She has been the teacher I have been looking for.” -V.C.

“Joyce had given me such a wonderful new way to look at life.  She has not just shown us doors to growth and learning, but she has also given us the keys.  She has a wonderful gift of knowledge and even more priceless is her desire to share it with others.” -L.G.

“Many people have benefited greatly from the insight Joyce has to share. Her charisma and sparkly personality are undoubtedly an inspiring factor in encouraging others to heal and stay healthy.” -J.T.

“I attended the IYT training and had the pleasure of hearing Joyce present.  I asked her about the pain in my hip, and in a few short minutes she released a painful, major muscle spasm.”- J.R.

“Being in Joyce’s yoga teacher training was a  wonderful experience, one that I will hold inmy heart for life.  Her energy and love left me in a state of openness and hope.”- V.L.

“If I attempted to list all the things that Joyce did to enable my successful start (as a yoga teacher), I’d never finish the message.  However, foremost in my my mind is the amazing depth of knowledge she imparts and the confidence she builds with feedback that is always constructive, honest and perceptive.   She has a direct and unselfconscious way of handling the inevitable goofs.  She is generous, caring and committed to her students.  I look forward to studying with her in the years to come” -K.F.

“Given my background (an an occupational therapist), I intially approached Joyce’s program with the inention to gain more knowledge about the physical aspects of Yoga but I was so excited to learn and experience the spiritual component of Yoga.  I am becoming better at adressing the problems of daily life wihtout having to try so hard by using my brain.  This program gave me so much more than I could have ever imagined.” L.Z.



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