joyce Anue


YES Yoga is a unique approach developed over 30 years of teaching, relating and responding to the diverse needs of students of all ages and levels of ability.   It is based in classical hatha yoga which is part of one of the world’s oldest wisdom traditions from India and is strongly influenced by Joyce’s background in movement science and rehabilitative medicine.  The teachings are made pertinent to and appropriate for the contemporary western student.

While physical postures called asanas, breathing and relaxation techniques are emphasized at first, these methods simply lay the foundation for vibrant health. The mental aspect of practice places involves learning to direct attention toward inner experience, maintain a stance of neutral observation, refine attention and differentiate between subject (the seer) and object (that which is seen).

Joyce Anue


Joyce’s classes are noncompetitive, and based on sound methodology with a clear understanding of the energetic and physical effects of practice. Joyce likes to make learning fun and yet brings with her a serious, respectful commitment to the subject at hand. Besides her expertise in the therapeutic applications of yoga, Joyce is probably best known for her infectious and unforgettable laugh. Joyce teaches in a style uniquely her own. Humor, the development of mindfulness, compassion, and self inquiry are all elements used in the learning process. She is committed to presenting yoga as a  holistic system that recognizes the inherent interconnection between body, mind, emotions, lifestyle and health.





“Yoga helps us to return to a more authentic experience of the Self: expansive, peaceful and vibrantly alive.” ~ Joyce Anue

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